A sixty-year history


The Italian Dry Fodder Association (AIFE) has been working alongside all producers since 1958.

AIFE now has nearly 50 processing plants in eight regions of Italy, employing a workforce of 13,000.

The association boasts annual production of approximately a million tons of fodder, covering an area of around 90,000 hectares of farmland, which ranks it second in Europe to Spain.

For us here at AIFE, selling a product that comes from precision agriculture and is processed along a whole supply chain that is fully compliant with both the environment and animal welfare, is the outcome of 60 years of steady investment in the implementation and technology of systems. That allows us to keep ahead of the field year on year.

The value of our product

The ecological and economic importance of legume crops, and of dried and sanitized alfalfa in particular, has been widely demonstrated, especially with regard to their impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the demand for nitrogen fertilizers, reducing the amount of ploughing required, which in turn reduces fuel consumption, as well as using fewer plant protection products.

Feed safety

Our producers use a high-tech process to sanitize, stabilize and extract any foreign bodies present in the raw materials.

Our expert staff regularly carry out quality analyses of all production batches, as required by European HACCP regulations.

The stored product is constantly monitored in order to ensure that no mould is present.

The seed used for sowing is Italian and GMO-free.

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© 2021 AIFE. All rights reserved. Designed by The Web Factory